It’s a bit early, but who can possibly sit still when there’s data entry to do and numbers to calculate?!

i was so good this year!

i was so good this year!

These numbers are a significant improvement over 2012 ( for which the grand total was $606.24). I know the year isn’t over yet – I suppose in the next week I could go hog wild and buy all the apps ever – but I’m fairly certain this number will stick.

Let’s manipulate some more data:

CAvUSAs you can see, I’m still relying on my US iTunes account almost a third of the time. It’s dumb, but it’s also cheaper: Canada taxes apps (but not music), whereas my US account is Oregon-based so everything is tax free. The year’s worth of tax came out to $27.12, which could have been an additional 27 apps or songs (give or take a few). Or, you know, that many more shameful IAPs. Shut up: sometimes you just aren’t levelling up quickly enough, and you need to buy cans of energy or hero points or a faster elevator.

In all, it was a calm year for iTunes spending. Next year, I’ll try to get it down even further, because what is a new year without a ridiculous challenge you’ll ignore mid-January?

Merry Christmas Eve, y’all.


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