thanks, nerf

At work, people frequently engage in Nerf battles. I’ve always wanted to join in their reindeer games, but I couldn’t because I am a girl and Nerf guns are for boys only. Luckily, Ed was paying attention this year and for Christmas, got me these:

it’s pink, like my vagina!

The guns (one for me and one for my BFF) come with pink and teal darts, so I know it’s okay for me to use them. Now I can play games with the boys! Hopefully they’ll go easy on me, because I’m just a GIRL!

I shot a pink dart towards the hallway to show Ed I could be fierce and warrior-like with my purple tramp stamped gun. The dart hit the wall and bounced back, landing .. in the kitchen sink. Which was full of water and dirty dishes.

Message received, Nerf: I’ll get back into the kitchen where I belong.

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