domestic as fuck

I’m like Heloise all up in this bitch, with excellent ideas all over the place. I already shared the fridge tablet idea, but here are two more brilliant things you should be doing for maximum awesome:

Lazy Susans!

so lazy!

so lazy!

I don’t know who Susan was and why she was so damned lazy, but the appurtenance that carries her name is brilliant. Lazy Susans have been out of vogue for a number of years, but they’re incredibly useful. I’ve got a few in the house right now and I could find places to add a half dozen more to make with the easy access and kitschy fun: my bathroom counter, for example, has never been so organized and clean. There’s way more space on my counter, everything is easy to get at, and now my giant cats have a place to sit and yell at me while I pee. Everybody wins!

Susan isn’t just great at organizing makeup, though – I’ve been using one in my computer room for YEARS.

space for toys!

my desk is full of important business items

My secondary monitor sits lower than my iMac, so instead of elevating with phone books I use a Lazy Susan. The added genius comes from the extra surface for one or two small trinkets, and – best of all – the ability to adjust the direction of the monitor when needed to avoid glare or hide the fact I’m looking at porn. I’m sorry not sorry to take away one of the few remaining reasons people keep phone books around, but seriously this system is so much better.

My other Brilliant Advice is not an item, but a food: put bocconcini salad in everything. It’s SO GOOD! I add it to pasta sauces, bake it in casseroles, slather it on my body during sexy times, use it for homemade margherita pizza – basically, anywhere I would normally add cheese or tomatoes or basil. I use it so often that I buy containers of it at the deli to freeze, so it’s always on hand. If you love tomatoes and mozzarella and crazy delicious good times, try adding bocconcini salad to every damn thing ever. IT WILL BE GLORIOUS!

Those are all the good ideas you get for today – I’m off to Seattle for skyscrapers and sparkle castles.

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