behold the future

Look! It’s the most expensive grocery list in the world!

so tech! much overkill!

so tech! much overkill!

I am guilty of rarely using my iPad and eating expired mayonnaise far too often, so I decided to Do Something About It. I bought a fridge mount for the iPad, installed some essential apps, and there you have it: a really big fridge magnet that can control all the lights in the house, remind me when we’re out of creamed corn, and probably one day gain sentience and kill us all.

Although I add 98% of the items to the grocery list, Ed is often sent out to play sherpa. Writing down embarrassing sitcom-esque items for him to pick up like tampons and pantyhose and gluten-free manwiches on paper is practically caveman, so instead Ed and I use an app called Avocado. It’s a “couples app” with a bunch of really cheesy features (send kisses to your boo! omg what), but it also has a shared calendar and lists: whatever I add shows up on his phone, and vice versa. It’s free to use (with a few limitations, or you can pay $20/year for a subscription) and I find myself keeping all our household lists there: things to pick up, places we want to go, where all the bodies are buried. Useful!

I think I will enjoy living here in the future. Everything is so delightfully wireless!

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