storing up karma

This will never fail to freak me the fuck out:

i am not my mother!

i am not my mother!

I needed to talk to Shaw about my mother’s account, and as I’m technically not an authorized account user, I pretended to be her for the purposes of deception. It makes life easier in the long run, but it feels really weird to wear that name like an ill-fitting hat.

I’m playing Good Daughter a little early this year, and taking over the payment of my mother’s cable bill (to go along with the phone bill I took over last Christmas). Once I got access to her account, I did a little poking around – my mom has been paying $45/m for basic cable, which I didn’t know still existed. A basic HD package, including the HD box, is only $40/m. I know my mom’s TV is capable of HD (it’s our old bedroom TV, which had an HD box on it), but should I bother upgrading her cable to save $5 a month? It’d be an extra remote and channels that go up into the 200s (she called Shaw last week to find out where channel 20 went, and when she learned it was now channel 158, she didn’t bother seeing if she could get it), and me too far away to support things. Not sure what to do here. Is HD easier on old people eyes? Can old people get used to entering three digits to watch TV instead of 2?

Being thoughtful is a pain in the ass. I should order myself a new phone as a reward.

3 thoughts on “storing up karma

  1. I can hardly even tell you how torturous it is to watch my elderly – but adorable, I have to add that in case she can magically hear me typing this – aunt try to use the remote to get to the HD HBO on 1300 instead of Original Recipe HBO at 300. It takes all of my willpower not to rip the thing out of her hands and do it myself (I try to keep my hands busy by holding a drink… the drinking of which also keeps me from grabbing and smacking her with the remote). It’s one playing of Yakkity Sax short of being a Benny Hill skit. Once she finally gets it, though, she loves the HD better than the regular. It is more crisp, and she spends less time assuming the camera man didn’t know how to focus.

  2. While the extra remote is obviously a kink in the chain, the HD box will actually overlay the HD channel over the SD one – this will mean she can watch HD CBC on 3 (or whatever number it is where she happens to be).

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