I have been sick for the ENTIRE FUCKING MONTH of November, and I am PISSED OFF. I don’t really get sick-sick often – a migraine here, a kidney infection there – so to be utter laid out with the flu, and then a cold, and then a coldflu, and now this fucking ridiculous fiery baseball in my throat .. it’s too much. I hate you, November. You are just THE WORST.

It’d be bad enough if it was just me with this various diseases, but Ed’s sick too. I think we’re feeding off each other – as soon as one of us starts to feel better, the other releases additional germs into the air and we keep infecting ourselves with convoluted new strains of gross like an Abbott and Costello bit gone horribly wrong.

I’m so tired of feeling like shit. I’m tired of thinking I’m better, going into work, then having to work from home for the next three days because something new and awful is going on inside my lungs. I miss outside. I miss my friends. I know these are petty complaints compared with what’s happening in the world around me, but I’m just so over everything happening in my own little outbreak bubble.

Also, I am tired of Confluence. It’s like an ugly Sharepoint.

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