so on trend

I hate it when I’m accidentally trendy.

I’ve been planning a solo trip (you’ll never guess where) since last year, and apparently, solo travel is a hot new feminist trend. Well, that’s annoying. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a proud card-carrying feminist, but trendy? Eww, no. And why now? I would have thought that everyone did all their Eat, Pray, Love-ing between 2006 and 2010, when dropping everything to find yourself was all the rage. A new movie along the exact same lines just came out (Wild, which is not to be confused with The Wild [talking animals in New York], or Into the Wild [man vs wilderness, potato wins], or Into the Woods [every actor ever, in a fairy tale]), but didn’t seem to make that big a splash – definitely not enough to start a whole trend, anyway.

My motives for taking a solo trip won’t make for a good Hollywood movie on account of my not being a rich white woman trying to find herself after a bitter divorce, but I think they’re still good reasons full of logic and only-child justifications:

  • Ed has no interest in going to London again
  • I’ve been to London with friends, with Ed, and with friends AND Ed – never by myself
  • Every time I’ve gone, there are things I want to do that are dropped from the itinerary for the sake of time or peace-keeping
  • I’ve never travelled by myself before
  • I’m a rich white woman trying to find herself after a bitter divorce
  • Why the hell not?
  • Adventure!

See, all good reasons (and almost entirely factual). I don’t know when the trip will happen (outside of “sometime this year”) or how long it’ll be, but I’m already excited about it. An unknown number of days alone with my camera and the voices inside my head! Oh, the online content that’ll come out of that. I will be amusing to myself for days!

I haven’t been neglecting the Q&A book, but none of the questions were enough to warrant a post in the middle of the week. What you missed:

  • Last restaurant you went to: Five Guys. Delicious!
  • You are lucky. Why or why not?: I’m most definitely lucky, and grateful for all that I have. I have the freedom to work, live, and love how I choose. I have the means to plan exotic adventures, and a partner who mostly understands (or claims to understand) what makes me tick. I have a very comfortable lifestyle, adorable cats, and 18 bottles of Diet Coke in the car. I am a lucky Kimli. I should remind myself of that daily.
  • What song is stuck in your head?: Um, none. Sometimes I get Taylor Swift’s Blank Space stuck in my head, but that’s because I’m only human.
  • Was today typical? Why or why not?: It was a typical Saturday – we slept in, then ran errands in the afternoon, then spent the evening in front of various screens. The only truly non-typical aspect to it was Ed tuning into the footballs, to see if the Seahawks would make it to the football-equivalent of the Stanley Cup finals. They did! So, that was odd (the football, not the winning).
  • Today was tough because _____: .. I didn’t get any mail. Seriously, that’s it. Oh, and Ed pulled a muscle in his neck and has limited mobility, so most of today was kind of like hanging out with a Ken doll. Also, I’m still itchy as all hell from the penicillin reaction and I’m none to pleased about it. Today was tough, okay.
  • The best part of today?: (all these questions originally had dates, but I can’t remember what I did an hour ago let alone Monday so you’re getting responses for today only) Hanging out with Ed all afternoon was pretty fun, muscle pulling and all. We had delicious burgers and tested out mattresses (not like that) and debated love seat placement and wrote a Canadian Heritage Moment about Johan Yield, inventor of the Yield Sign. Laughs were had! Later, I had a selfie epiphany. Not at all bad for a regular old trendy Saturday in January.

none today, either.


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