We’re getting rid of our old futon, and I’m trying to find a suitable replacement sitting platform to go in my lady cave. Ed and I have been discussing various sitting options for a while, and today he reminded me about bean bag chairs and how I totally love bean bag chairs. Right! A bean bag chair would be awesome in my lady cave, would allow for a lot of dramatic flopping (accompanied by heaving sighs), and could be used as a bed in a pinch. With visions of squishy sacs in my head, I went a-Googling.

If money was no object, I would totally love to get a Love Sac. I’ve sat/slept/cuddled on them before, and they’re great – but also really expensive. Like, for the price of the setup I want, I could get a $1300 hooker bot (or 1300 $1 hooker bots). That seems like an ill-advised way to spend a lot of money, so I moved down the list of luxury.

Next up were Sumo Bean Bags. These are a great deal cheaper, and while they don’t come in fluffy faux-fur form, they’ve got a bunch of solid colours to choose from. The Sumo was pretty high on my list, until I spent some time on their website:

sorry, our bean bags only work if you are eagle spread

sorry, our bean bags only work if you are eagle spread

Picture after picture of girls hunched over, showing boob, sitting with their legs open, and being all sultry. Why. Why is this necessary. Compare that with every other beanbag site – even other sites that are marketing specifically towards gamers – and you see regular people bean bagging without trying to make you think of vagina. No thanks, Sumo. I’ll take my money elsewhere.

The last two brands that made my list are FatBoy and CordaRoy. I’ve use FatBoy chairs before (I have a great deal more bean bag experience than I realized), and a friend just got a CordaRoy bag she swears by. Both are reasonably priced (when compared to LoveSac, anything that doesn’t require a second mortgage is now considered reasonable), but I’m torn:

  • CR bags are also a bed – they unzip into a sleeping pad. I like sleeping, so this appeals to me
  • FB bags come in pretty patterns! I like pretty things, so this appeals to me
  • FB doesn’t ship to Canada (annoying but not a deal breaker, I have resources), but CR does
  • CR would be more useful (see: bed), but is twice the price of the FB I want

So, I don’t know. This time yesterday I was sold on a love seat, and now I’m looking at tits and bean bags and I’m all turned around. I think I’ll go pick up my mail and think this through.

Are there any other bean baggery options I have not considered? Share! Bonus points if the website isn’t dripping in cheesy sex poses!


One thought on “bagged

  1. I don’t have any other options to bring to the table, but I do have to own my love for CordaRoy. I have a ginormous one (and actually now that I think of it this may not help sell the idea) that I’ve been using as a dog bed for … (counts on fingers) … going on about 13 years now. Three dogs, and 13 years, and while I’ve replaced the stuffing once, all I’ve ever had to do to the cover is throw it in the wash every now and then. It’s just now, after three dogs, gotten its very first hole in the cover. Sturdy, is what I’m saying!

    I wonder if Sumo wholesales to gynecologist offices…?

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