oh kolkata

Well, now I need to go to Calcutta Kolkata:


Apparently I’m a Chinese-Thai restaurant of questionable quality. From a write-up in a local paper:

The Kimli special, however, is Chimney Soup — a clear soup with mushroom, chicken, prawn, fish and crab along with glass (silky) noodles.

“Chimney Soup is one of the fast movers. Many also like our Thai Soup, which is a bit spicy and thick,” says restaurant manager Bidyut Denra.

Spicy and thick, JUST LIKE ME.

Seriously, do I know anyone who knows anyone anywhere near Kolkata? I want many pictures of this sign. I may make it my life mission to get to this sign and stand under it with a smug sense of self-satisfaction. Bucket list! This is a bucket list thing!

Where do I catch the bus to Kolkata?

is this a review, or personal advice?

is this a review, or personal advice?

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