Delicious Juice Dot Com is 14 years old today. Every time another milestone passes, I am somewhat surprised that the site still exists at all .. but here we go again: another trip around the sun, please!

I’ve thought many times about simply throwing in the towel, but I know how terribly I’d miss having this outlet if I did. My updates don’t come as fast and furious as they did for the first 11 years, but they still happen. As long as someone out there is reading them, I’ll always have words to share.

I will celebrate this 14th bloggiversary with delicious Girl Guide cookies, which now cost an astonishing $5 a box.

Happy birthday, inanimate object of which I have grown inordinately fond!

4 thoughts on “fourteen

  1. Happy birthday, blog. I’m always happy to see a Kimli post in my feed, and I’m glad you’re planning on hanging around. I can’t explain why, but your voice always sticks with me and I’d miss it.

  2. Happy blogiversary! Almost 4 years since I started reading.
    Did you know Pop makes a Ghostbusters Domo? I thought of your Lady Cave when I saw it.
    The room, I mean. The room!

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