i dreamed a dream

in times gone byyyyyyyyyyyyy

For the last week straight, I’ve dreamt about school: being late for school, enrolling in a new school, exams, not being able to find my class – the whole damn genre. It’s been incredibly stressful, and I’ve spent the better part of the last four days in a daze being a complete hazard to myself and others. It all culminated (I sincerely hope) last night in a Wes Anderson-esq dream about work being equal parts meetings, school, and carnivals – which, frankly, is not at all far from the truth. I’m actually working from home as I write this, because our office will be turned into a mini-golf course this afternoon. My desk is the start of hole 11, it’s covered in LEDs and glitter, and that is no place to do Serious Businessing.

Oh my god, I’ve become a Professional.

I’m fairly certain that my school dreams are over for now, though. My work focus will be changing, but at a much slower rate than I was stressing over. This is good. Things are good. I am pleased.

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