creeping on your feelings

A Teen Movie just happened right outside my window!

A young couple just had a dramatic argument across the street from me. She, slender and exasperated, gestured wildly; throwing her arms out and clutching her head in frustration. He, gangly and now heartbroken, struggling to understand why she was so impassionately irate. As her anger gushed out in an agitated broth of fury, he collapsed to the sidewalk in a heap of despair. She stormed off but didn’t get far – deep down she knew they still had “it”; that magnetic and intoxicating mix of emotion and patchouli that brought them together in the first place. She turned and went to him then, sinking to her knees beside him and cradling his head tenderly. Eventually they rose from the pavement, and tentatively took their first steps towards the bus stop – together for now, but with a chasm between them. What does the future hold? Will their love tear them apart?

I couldn’t hear anything that was going on, but it was all perfectly set to this song, thanks to the One Hit Wonders playlist on Spotify. The whole exchange was exactly like watching a teen movie trailer with an upbeat, radio-friendly pop-punk soundtrack, or a pretty terrible music video. In fact, it was a little TOO perfect. What if I’m not real life?! If I’m just a background extra on a cheesy teen drama, I’m going to be so mad.



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