your ux is bad and you should feel bad

I’m sick. I want to buy a video game to take my mind off throwing up.

  • Log into PS4
  • Add game to cart
  • Enter discount code I have
  • Try to pay: Enter Paypal info
  • “An error has occurred”
  • Try again
  • “An error has occurred”
  • Use credit card instead
  • “Your credit card number is not valid”
  • The fuck it isn’t
  • Try again
  • “Your credit card number isn’t valid”
  • Ed says to try his instead
  • And also use the Playstation iPhone app so I can use my phone instead of the onscreen keyboard
  • My password doesn’t work
  • Reset my password
  • Try to buy the game on the website
  • “This voucher does not work on this medium”
  • Try to add Paypal account to my Playstation account via the web
  • “This Paypal account is attached to another Playstation account”
  • Try to add credit card to my account via the web
  • “Your credit card number isn’t valid”
  • Try Ed’s card
  • “Your credit card number isn’t valid”
  • FUCK
  • Try the web app
  • In the Name field only, space is an invalid character
  • Who the fuck designed this thing
  • This is the worst fucking UX I’ve ever had outside that time I tried to Microsoft
  • Log into Ed’s Playstation account instead, because that’s where my Paypal is
  • Add game to cart
  • Type in discount code
  • “This discount code has already been redeemed”
  • Take up knitting
  • Knit beautiful scarf
  • Strangle the fuck out of my Playstation with it because fuck this bullshit I’m already sick on Halloween with food poisoning you goddamn asshats just let me sneak around London and straight up murder some people because I am feeling VERY VIOLENT RIGHT NOW
  • No game for Kimli
  • Consider vomiting on the PS4 out of spite

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