bouncing for jesus

Last week I gained several Asian Points: I had ramen for the first time, and also acupuncture (not at the same time). These are both Asian things. Half of me is pleased with myself, while the other half really wants some poutine (not necessarily due to my Montreal half but more because poutine was right next door to ramen and I didn’t think having them together was a good use of my time).

Other than trying to be more Asian for fun and profit, my life has been somewhat consumed by JIRA administration. While this may sound like the most exciting life anyone has ever had ever, I am saddened to report that, instead of the supermodels and private jets the words “JIRA administration” conjures up, my life is a fine balsamic reduction of never-ending rage and confusion. Case in point: for the past several weeks, there’s been a system error that’s been filling the logfile with page after page of garbage. I needed to find a different error, but I couldn’t see anything wrong because the log only contained approximately two minutes of detail; such was the severity of the error being thrown. If you had a problem ten minutes ago, too bad for you. There was no room in the logfile for your fuckup, because this other fuckup was too chatty.

There was a lot of back and forth with external support, and we finally got to a point where that particular error wasn’t being thrown. Hooray! Bring on the supermodels and private jets! Except .. well, we fixed the logfile so well that now it’s not capturing anything. The last activity was 5 days ago, and I know things have gone wrong during that time because our JIRA was set up by drunk hamsters working through heartache, so stuff pops up in the logfile all the time.

I now truly understand the meaning of “life is pain”.

Other news: my hair is pink, we’ve decided to keep the Mini even if Ed buys his mid-life crisis car next year, Lemon is doing much better but he’s still being very needy and weird, I had high tea on Saturday for the first time ever and it was super neat,  I rode Lola into work today and it was glorious, I think my left foot is broken, I overdosed on Cheezies last night and I regret my entire life, I have to pee.

Oh, and Delicious Juice Dot Com will be 15 years old on March 30th.


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