how does car go

I’m only writing this because I had to Google it this morning, and didn’t find a damn thing:

On some Car2Go/Smart Car models, the ignition hole for the key is in the center console, below the gear shift.

Smart Car

who thought this was a good idea

Yes, it was my first time using Car2Go. However, I am not a dumb girl – I’ve driven many cars. I’ve traveled extensively. I (now) know that you have to put your room key in the wall to turn on the lights. Mitochondria? Powerhouse of the cell. I KNOW THINGS, okay.

And yet, I sat in the car for TEN MINUTES this morning, trying to figure out how to turn the damn car on. Google was no help. Twitter was no help. @Car2GoVancouver was no help. If not for Shan, our resident Car2Go Expert, I would likely STILL be sitting inside the car, swearing furiously and banging my head on the wheel in frustration. Therefore, this post: how do you start the ignition on a Car2Go or Smart car from 2014 onward? The keyhole is in the centre console, under the gear shift.

You’re welcome.

Update: Multiple people have asked that I include this info, so here you go: in a 4-door Car2Go, the key is in the glove compartment. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “how does car go

  1. My 2009 Smart Car has the ignition in the centre console. Now when I try to drive a regular car, I’m always trying to stick the key into the console instead of into the place where an ignition usually is!

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