I don’t know if Lemon will ever know just how close to the Rainbow Bridge he was last week, and that’s probably okay. Ed and I were tearfully saying our goodbyes the evening before the appointment when he just .. got better. The Last Resort steroids kicked in, and since last Tuesday he’s shown a remarkable improvement. He’s eating again, and has even started demanding food in the mornings before we’re awake. He hasn’t thrown up since last week, he’s all groomed and fluffy, most of his time is spent showing us his fuzzy shaved belly (and getting angry if we touch it), and yesterday he tried to clean Dilly’s head. Lemon is still too skinny and sometimes looks as though he’s uncomfortable, but when I think back to the pitiful, puking mess he was last week .. I’ll take it. I don’t know how much time we have with him, but last week he wasn’t ready to go and I am grateful.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought an Apple Watch. I was waiting until Apple’s March event had passed, to see if they were going to announce a new one – but they didn’t, so I caved and ordered. Since the advent of smart watches I’d been wearing a Pebble and then a Pebble Time, but wasn’t happy – the PT was supposed to be better, but I found it came up short when compared to the original Pebble. With riding season coming up, I needed a way to keep connected that didn’t involve pulling out my phone every time my finger buzzed, and since I couldn’t rely on my current tech, a new shiny was warranted.

I’ve been wearing the watch for a week now, and it’s pretty cool – cool enough that Ed went and got himself one yesterday. Now we can send each other sketches of dicks all day long, and it’s pretty great. My only concern: today I discovered how to use the heart rate function, and now I’m convinced I’m dying all over again. I don’t know if the sensors are wonky or if I accidentally ingested a whole lot of meth at lunch time, but my heart is beating crazy fast. Fast enough that the internet says I’m about to keel over and die in a puddle. That’s not good, right? Or is hypochondria just considered a feature?

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