new year new theme

Changed it up a little. Nothing says “fresh and new” like pink dots on a grey background.

I finally opened the Instant Pot this morning, with the intention of making this chili-lime chicken tonight. Assuming I don’t accidentally poison us, I’ll report back.

It was somewhat disheartening to open the Instant Pot and look through the included recipe book, though: not only was the very first recipe for a butternut squash soup, the rest of the book contained different ways to cook quinoa and also was RACIST.

The recipe book is in English and Chinese, and the Chinese recipes are completely different than the English ones. In English, we get things like Black Bean Soup, Red Lentil Chili, Turkey Wings, Lamb Tajine, Turnip Cake, various pork dishes, etc. In Chinese, you get .. well, I can’t read Chinese. Based on the pictures, the recipes are for things like Onion Peach Teacup Pudding, Pile of Raw Chicken, Fish Eye Chili Flake Stew, Large Chunk of Pork, Beef Squats, Behemoth Eyeball Dumplings, Lotus Root Dessert. This makes no sense to me – why aren’t the recipes the same? Did the manufacturer make some broad assumptions of what people eat based on their language? That seems rude. For all I know, Beef Squats are delicious and I might want to try them. None for me though, because I do not meet the manufacturer’s standard for someone who would cook Beef Squats at home. Hmpf.

I promise to stop bitching about the Instant Pot soon.

In 13 sleeps, I will be on my way to London! I sure do like that place.

One thought on “new year new theme

  1. I could have written this post, except for the part about going to London. And the part where you are making Chili-lime chicken. And the bit about the polka dots and pink and grey. Otherwise my thoughts exactly!

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