shh boomer

The City of Vancouver just sent out this notice:

City seeking diverse voices to respond to Vancouver Plan survey

Help us reach all communities.

The City is actively seeking to hear from diverse voices and ensure all communities across Vancouver are represented through an initial city-wide planning survey. The survey is designed to capture a picture of the current challenges and hopes of those who live, work and play in Vancouver; as well as those who want to do so.

There has been good initial interest in the survey, and we are hearing from renters, home owners, workers and many others.

We’ve heard the majority of responses from English speaking community members over 40, without young children.

To truly be successful in planning Vancouver for the next 30 years, we need to hear from a broader diversity of voices that reflects everyone in Vancouver.

This includes families with young children, young adults; millennials; people from diverse cultural backgrounds; those who have traditionally faced barriers to participating; and those who have lacked opportunities to participate in the past.

To ensure that we hear from these different sectors of our society, City staff have been working to gather input in a number of ways:

What a delightful way to say “shut the fuck up, boomers”! I love it. The city has noticed that angry old white people make the most noise, and they’re taking steps to reach out to everyone BUT them. This is progress. Keep it up, CoV.


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