staycation project #2

The entire point of my not-a-staycation was to be off GitHub for as long as possible. I’ve been mostly successful with that, but Tuesday’s project required me to clone a couple of repos. I survived. Yes, I am a trooper.

I wanted to accomplish something a little more technical than spice jars, so I purchased a Raspberry Pi and a tiny monitor and built my first project:

tiny screen shows tiny music!

It was super fun and the instructions were easy to follow. I’m so pleased with my non-spice project! It’s cute and responsive and now I want a dozen Raspberry Pis so I can build ALL THE TINY FIDDLY THINGS.

In the meantime though, the additional tiny jars and magnets for the Extended Spice Remix have arrived, so I need to jar up the remaining spices. I’m also debating taking another week off. The downtime has been very good for my mental health, but the thought of going back on Monday is making the Bad Times creep back in. I don’t think I’m ready to spend that much of my vacation fund, though. Maybe I’ll space it out and take some time next month. Until then: MOAR PROJECTS!

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