staycation project #3

My vacation productivity took a rather large nosedive on Wednesday afternoon:


Meet Dorian. She’s a 2021 Vespa GTS SuperTech 300, boasting an all-new engine design and smartphone integration. There’s (finally) a USB port onboard for most of my charging needs, and a 4″ LCD screen that displays vehicle stats and GPS info. She’s lightning fast. Dorian is fucking glorious.

I hadn’t planned on upgrading my scooter. Lola is a 2008 GTS 250 IE that I bought in 2009 and have put just over 15k kilometres on. I was going to hold out for a Vespa 350 or more, but a) it’s not coming anytime soon (if ever), and b) why the fuck not. I had been idling looking at the new SuperSport models, but Ed spied an article about this one and basically sold me on it the instant he said “bluetooth” – I love me some technology. The model only comes in one colour (in Canada – I think it’s available in black overseas), but that’s okay – it’s a really pretty grey, and I think we’re going to get some decals made to make it more “mine”. There aren’t very many of these scooters in Canada let alone in the ass-end of Surrey, but you know me. I MUST STAND OUT, even if I am already standing out by virtue of who I am.

Dorian is missing a top box (and about a hundred stickers) for the time being – I ordered it when I ordered the scooter, but the entire world is delayed thanks to the apocalypse. I hope it comes soon, because I’ve already done a TON of riding and errands on her and it’s difficult to get things without storage. Lola is for sale, but in the meantime, Ed has been riding her around – we’re a scooter gang of two. I really wish we could keep her, but with two scooters and a motorcycle and two cars and 4 bicycles and a thousand reusable grocery bags there is no room in the garage. Ed doesn’t want to give up his motorcycle, so having a third vehicle to sometimes ride around doesn’t make any sense. I feel really bad about selling Lola because I assign personalities to inanimate objects, but also because she’s an awesome scooter and I’ve loved riding her for these 11 years. Don’t ask me how I’m going to react when we finally sell the Mini. It’s not going to be pretty.

So, this was my third official project of my not-a-staycation. While I’m glad she arrived when she did and the weather held out for some awesome riding, I didn’t accomplish most of my to-do list because I was out riding around. I’m back at work now. It is what it is. And hey, when my contract ends at the end of the month, I can ride around all I want! Hooray!

My relaxing week came to a crashing halt last Thursday afternoon, when my handler called me to tell me my contract was expiring and the budget to extend my pathetic existence has not yet been approved. They’re working on it, but who knows what’ll happen. Not me, that’s for sure! What an exciting year 2020 has been so far! Can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

Happy about the new scooter. Less happy about my work situation. Missing my friends and also London. Feeling like I’m stretched to the limit without actually stretching at all. How’s by all of you?

PS: wear a goddamn mask or 2020 will never fucking end ok

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