spice world

All jars are hung and alphabetized because I am anal retentive:

plz do not judge my kitchen. or do, i’m not your mom.

18 jars on one side, 24 on the other. All jars are labeled except for one jar full of Mystery Spice – I think it’s basil, but there was already a basil jar and it doesn’t smell the same. If anyone knows of some sort of spice rain man, send them my way.

The jars are hung with magnets. I bought some crazy strong rare earth magnets that came with exact-sized 3M sticky tape and attached the magnet to the space between the cupboard door and the goodies contained therein, and they’ve held up beautifully.

So, to do this or something similar, you’ll need:

  • Tiny jars. I used these wedding favour jars by Kate Aspen (designer jars are apparently a thing) in lieu of the insanely expensive but really cool Gneiss Spice ones. I ran them through the dishwasher before putting spices in them.
  • Magnets. Splurge and get the fancy rare earth ones, as they’re able to hold a lot of weight and might come in handy if you encounter some enterprising dwarves while adventuring. Also helpful if they come with double-sided tape for the stickening.
  • Tape for stickening if your magnets come naked
  • Spices. You probably have a lot of these already, but in a thousand different jars. Annoying.
  • Some sort of labelling system, unless you live life on the edge and spice your food all willy-nilly

Wash jars, fill jars, label jars, stick jars. Time consuming but simple, and afterwards you can look at your spice collection and admire your DIY skills and marvel at how much cumin you have.

This is my last post about spices, I promise.

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