the excellencies

Late last week, we got an email at work advising us to dress appropriately and be on our best behaviour today, because the Excellencies were coming.

I don’t know how this was arranged, but the Ambassadors of Uganda, Libya, and Moldova were coming to tour our offices to see Canadian technology in action. We were asked to clean our workstations, be immaculate, and use formal greetings when addressing the assorted Excellencies:

  • His Excellency, Dr. Fathi Mohamed Baja, Ambassador of Libya
  • Her Excellency, Ala Beleavschi, Ambassador of Moldova
  • His Excellency, John Nsambu, High Commissioner of Uganda

The Ambassadors, we were told, were the official representatives of their President/King/Prime Minister, and that they appreciate being treated with honour and respect. Well, okay then!

.. I worked from home today. I don’t do toadying, and I have a big, big problem with Uganda’s despicable anti-gay policy and the lack of basic human rights in Libya and Moldova. Since I couldn’t promise that I wouldn’t make a scene or fondle Sam in front of the assorted Excellencies and their entourage (not to mention my inability/unwillingness to “dress appropriately”, whatever that means), I decided it would be best for all involved if I just removed myself from temptation. So, I’m at home. I’m getting a ton of stuff done, and I’m not wearing any pants.

It is a good day in the Lady Cave.

dj diana in the house

fifty shades of bentall 5

Well, this is terribly awkward: they’re filming the 50 Shades of Grey movie at the building where I work.

not shown: two-dimensional characters with major issues

not shown: two-dimensional characters with having feelings

Sam and I went to the office on Sunday, to sneak in an 8-foot tall hot pink Christmas tree for Business Reasons. When we arrived, the downtown core was teeming with film crews as multiple products jostled each other for space – and lucky us, we discovered that Bentall 5 had been rebranded with handcuffs and silk ties and moist mommy porn:

and after the creepy stilted spanking .. the awkward oral sex!

and after the creepy spanking .. the awkward oral sex!

Things could be worse, I suppose – from what I remember of the books, none of the sloppy sex takes place in the office building. Still, I plan on wiping down all surfaces I use. There may be .. residue.

is that an ass print i see?

is that an ass print i see?

While 50 Shades was filming at our building, Continuum was filming across the street. We got fake rain and people in business suits, THEY got cop cars and SWAT guys with plastic guns:

spoiler: they're from the future

spoiler: they’re from the future, where security guards don’t wear bright yellow

Around the corner, another production was filming by the Vancouver Club. Not sure what that one was, but it appears that the business epicentre of Vancouver turns into one giant film set on weekends. I don’t normally visit the office outside regular hours, but I was glad to see so much going on .. and hey, it’s not like they’re filming sex scenes at my desk. Or drinking my Diet Coke. Both of those things are a HARD LIMIT (see what I did there).