fix my cat please

Things that would normally amuse me:

  • There was a cool handmade bookmark with a worry doll on it on my keyboard at work this morning; I think it’s from my boss. It is pretty, and I like surprise presents
  • While standing at the elevator in the parkade waiting to go down, a man who parked behind me came running into the stairwell and said  “thanks for driving so fast up the ramps!”. He wasn’t being sarcastic; he was really late for a meeting and needed to park ASAP. He took the stairs down the 6 floors, but I got out on the ground floor at the same time he did. He laughed at himself, then went out the wrong door. He then asked me what floor we parked on, said he should have stayed in bed this morning, and ran out the door. He was funny. I told him I hoped his day went better from that point on and he said if it didn’t, he quits.

Sasha’s at the vet. I have pet insurance, but it doesn’t cover whatever she’s going to need done. The tests alone will be $450, so it is a very very good thing that the in-laws gave us a giant gift card to Safeway for Christmas so we will be able to eat. The vet thinks she may have hyperthyroidism, which the internet tells me is  a good thing because the prognosis for most cats is good to excellent.

Okay, scratch the optimism. The vet just called me and said:

  • Sasha has a heart murmur but no arrhythmia, and her heart rate is on the slow side
  • Her blood pressure is good
  • Her teeth are excellent
  • She’s very thin
  • She’s been given antibiotics because she may have some e-coli in her system
  • Vet thinks she has hyperthyroidism and kidney disease, or just kidney disease
  • .. plus a kidney infection
  • Her abdomen is tense
  • Blood work is getting picked up at 10am so they should know more
  • She recommends x-rays and will show them to us this afternoon at 4:45
  • The bill is now around $600

The cost is making my butt hurt, but I really can’t complain – we’ve never had to pay a lot for the well-being of our cats, and Sasha is worth it. I’ll find a way to pay for it somehow – anyone want to buy naked pictures of Ed? – and we’ll see. If she’s fixable, I .. will cry more, probably. I just want my grumpy, loud, demanding Sasha back.

10 thoughts on “fix my cat please

  1. Typical cat picture. I routinely push my wife to the edge of the bed to make room for the cat.

    Naturally, I’m asleep and don’t know what’s going on, but that cat needs to be horizontal for some reason. Maybe it’s the Prozac.

  2. Ookla has a heart murmur as well. We took him to one vet who wanted to do lots of tests (and freaked him out right good with their falconer gloves). That didn’t last long. Our current vet has been very understanding of his unique personality and gives him 3 year shots instead of 1 year so he doesn’t have to come in as often. Too traumatic for his old self.

    I hope all the tests help pinpoint what’s going on with Sasha and give you some clear guidance on what to do next. You’re a good cat mommy!

  3. A good friend of mine has a 14-year-old cat (named SCSI – for Small Cat Standard Interface) who was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last year after losing a lot of weight and fur and being pretty miserable. Scuzz has done really well on the drugs – a pill a day crushed up in milk, split over two doses a day, and he’s back to near-normal.

    I really hope it turns out that well for you and Sasha.

  4. Awwww I’m so sorry. Of course your cat is worth it. You’ll find a way to pay. Maybe put ads on this site? Have a garage sale? Do some freelance work on the side? I hope she is okay and recovers well. You’re in my prayers.

  5. Yay, this sounds more optimistic at least? Yes, you can prorate the costs over a kitty-lifetime and it’s still quite reasonable! And of course she’s worth it!

    I LOVE that picture; makes it very clear who ‘owns’ who. Whom. Crap.

    Anyway, I mean kitty is da boss. ;)

  6. My Bodhi also sleeps on my head. Oddly; never a lap cat. Prefers neck or shoulder.

    Crossing fingers for a simple fix for Sasha.

  7. My heart goes out to you and Ed. I really hope things turn around for Sasha quickly. Frodo is older than Sasha, and you’ve made me re-appreciate the time I get to spend with him. I’m trying to work from home more than usual so that he isn’t lonely during the day.

  8. Oh Kimli. I’m so sorry.

    I have had a cat treated for hyperthyroid, she had to have her thyroid irradiated to get rid of a tumor-y part. She is perfectly fine several years later, a little skinny at 16 but as healthy as an old cat like that can be.

    I have also had a cat treated for kidney disease. If that is what it is, you have to prepare yourself. When the vet said “between 2 months and 2 years” for Pearl I thought I would just give her the fluids and keep her going as long as possible. She lasted 6 months and the end was so, so bad. And it was six months of constant worry and heartache (for me) and sickness (for her) as she slowly went downhill. (Not to mention nearly $5000 by the end, but I was fortunate enough to be able to deal with that). Your cat is precious and pretty and sweet, I know, but if she is going into renal failure, consider carefully ahead of time how far you will go for her or you could find yourself in way deeper than you want to be.

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