getting classy up in here

In my many years at the helm of this e-boat, I’ve been lucky enough to have some pretty cool things come my way. I’ve received free smoothies from the best joint in town, been given delicious chocolate in startling quantities, met more fabulous people than I can shake one of my many sticks at, and annexed a fancy new Zune for my nerdy enjoyment – just to name a few. Today, one more jewel will be added to the shiny crown of my hilarious empire: Delicious Juice Dot Com has been invited to attend the opera.

You read that right – the *opera*.

Yes, *this* Delicious Juice Dot Com.

No, I am not shitting you. I have been invited – quite possibly *cordially* invited; opera is some high-class stuff – to attend the Vancouver Opera‘s performance of Carmen later this month.


The Vancouver Opera, wishing to reach out to Vancouver’s many hipsters and technodorks, is hosting a Blogger Night on Tuesday, January 27th. The delightful Ling (I met her last night, which is how I know she is delightful) confessed to reading my blog, and chose *me* to sit amongst Vancouver’s blogging elite on the night of the opera. I am verklempt with delight!

Seriously, I am SO EXCITED about this for many reasons, some of which I will share with you now:

  • Being invited to something special is such an awesome feeling! I feel so .. so .. significant! I get to sit with the cool kids!
  • Not only do I get to go to the opera, I get to go to the opera with my LAPTOP as we will be blogging before, during the intermission, and after the performance. This is so completely awesome and nerdy that I can hardly contain myself

The first two points are weighty unto themselves, but the third – that’s the one that’s really making me giggle with delight.

I’ve often bemoaned my lack of opportunities to dress up and get fancy with my round self. I’m a big advocate of playing dressup for no other reason than it being Tuesday, but there’s something missing. Yes, you’re all dolled up and you’re gorgeous and you wouldn’t look out of place in a cell phone commercial, but at the end of the day you’re just going to end up at home sitting around in your underwear with your hand down a bag of chips (literal, not proverbial). Having an Event to Attend gives the act of playing dressup a whole new dimension – I’m not wearing heels because I had a bowl of danger for breakfast; *I* am going to the *opera*!

I’ve never been to an opera before! Will I need opera glasses? Should I switch my browser to Opera? Is it time to carry out a construction project in Ancient Rome? Where does the Oscillation Project with Emulsion-tRacking Apparatus fit into all of this? There’s so much to learn – it’s time to do some research; I’m going to do this opera thing some justice!

7 thoughts on “getting classy up in here

  1. Kimli, I am just about seventeen layers of jealous! That has got to be the most nerdtastic news I’ve heard all week!(and believe me I’ve heard a plenty)
    Carmen is my favorite Opera seeing as I used to sing the Aria in highschool for auditions. You are going to look fabulous all dolled up with somewhere to go. There had better be many pictures and much blogging so I may live vicariously through your tiara wearing experience.

  2. Hey, I’ll be there too! Very much looking forward to being all nerdy and stuff :)

    I believe I’ll be meeting the lovely Ling on Monday evening… We’re just sorting that now.

    Yay for being geeky in a high class environment! See you there, if not before!

  3. That is pretty darn awesome.

    After seeing posters for Carmen around town and such while waiting for the Skytrain, I’ve been thinking of going to see it myself. Mostly just to say that I’ve been to an opera at some point in my life.

    I hope you truly enjoy it!

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