haunted playgrounds and squishy things

Whee! Adventure!

Yesterday I finally managed to drag Ed out for an epic scooter ride. I had never been to Ioco, so I wanted to check it out. We scooted a total of 82km, went to a bunch of different places, had lunch at my favourite chain restaurant, and looked at gross things. This was our route:

vroom vroom

vroom vroom

We were out for almost 6 hours, and by the time we got home we were exhausted. It was a beautiful day, and I got to explore places I’ve never been before – I couldn’t ask for a better Sunday!

Sunday evening was quiet and good. I watched cartoons and crafted all evening, getting ready for Got Craft this coming Sunday. Miranda and I are sharing a table, and I’ve been busy making Purl Necklaces to sell. I’m having a really hard time with the pricing – it seems silly for me to charge money for my pretty things, but I suppose that’s the whole idea. Miranda’s stuff is really cool and my stuff has a funny name, so you should come by and say hello. It’s $2 to get in, there’ll be so many awesome things you won’t know what to do with yourself, and the first 30 people in the door get crazy swag bags filled with all kinds of fun. This’ll be my first ever craft show, so I’m a little nervous – what if people hate my things and call me names? That would make me very sad. I’ll have to borrow morale support that day, because Ed is flying to Toronto again on Thursday and won’t be back until next week so clearly you need to come to Got Craft on Sunday and say nice things to me and also bring me some Diet Coke because I’ll be there all day.

I can’t believe it’s almost May. I have so many things I want to do, but I’m booked for every weekend from now until June. My calendar to the right shows what’s coming up for this month – it’s going to be a busy one, what with the VACATION coming up and various things tucked in here and there. I really want to drag the gang out to Belcarra or Buntzen Lake for a picnic one weekend, but there no *time*. I think I’m going to steal Monica’s idea from last year for my own birthday and have a scooter picnic at Kits Beach, but that’s a long time from now. I don’t want to be at my desk; I want to be outside. Spring is terrible for my productivity.

I did not see any ghosts at Ioco, but next time I’m going to bring some ghost bait.

if you hear children laughing, RUN

if you hear children laughing, RUN

3 thoughts on “haunted playgrounds and squishy things

  1. I was wondering if you still made the purl necklaces. Do you still have a page for them? I’ve wanted to buy one for forever and since I’m now unemployed and poor there’s never been a better time!

  2. Were the crabers (crab catchers? fishers?) at belcarra? That’s my favorite part – I could stand on the dock and watch them forever! When we were out there with J&S recently we did just that. On a sunny weekend day that place can be packed

    Glad you finally made it out that way. Both Ioco & Belcarra are mighty fun

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