It’s snowing outside! What do I do when it’s snowing? It’s been so long, but I’m pretty sure my standard MO is to go back to bed and wait until spring. It’s wicked cold here in Edmonton; even the people who live here are disgusted with the weather. The day before we arrived it was 14C and sunny. Could it be us? Is this punishment? I brought every warm sweater I own, and it’s still not enough (and is also itchy – damn wool). Oh, my poor sad and frozen toes!

I was momentarily sad to be missing our annual Hipster Potluck Thanksgiving (hashtag #hipstermeat), until I learned it was actually canceled – Miranda and Reilly are ALSO in Edmonton, doing the visiting thing. I should find out where they are and track them down – it would be amusing to hang out in another city. I’m trying to mentally schedule in a post-holiday potluck party, but I honestly don’t know if it’ll happen before December – October is booked solid, and November is moving month for everyone except Ed and I (who are likely doomed to live in the Ghetto of North Vancouver for ever) so I don’t think anyone will be up for large messy parties. December will be a merry month of festivities and housewarming parties (and sad jealous Kimli sitting in the corner), so we can do #hipstermeat at that time – I just hate waiting, and sorely love a Good Time.

Yesterday Ed and I slept for a million years (seriously, we got up at 1:30) and spent a quiet day hanging out with the parents. They made us an awesome steak dinner (with special guest star Shan’s spinach salad), and the evening was the very definition of “low-key”: Ed tinkered on the internets doing boring sports things, and I had a wild crazy solo party doing iPhone crossword puzzles. I do not mind because this is a rare occurrence, but if this was our life all the time I would probably go insane.

Also, there was Journey.

Today I am going to wear three pairs of jeans and four sweaters and we are going to go Outside. I’d like to see Edmonton in the daylight to see what’s changed since I was here last, and yes – make the inevitable trip to the Big Mall (there’s no PST here, and I need some new dainties). I brought my camera with me in the hopes that something would speak to me that I could take pictures of, but everything is kind of gray and cold – maybe I’ll just shoot in black and white and call it art.

I am going to teach Ed’s mom how to shop online now.

7 thoughts on “eeeek

  1. It is cold here and there is snow. It is a good thing I bought a new winter jacket because it is required

    when are you here until? We are shooting then turkey today, tomorow we have a portrait session but could also maybe do donairs or something

    chat soon!

  2. We are shooting a wedding Wednesday then other stuff Thursday so home next weekend. We will be in etown Tuesday. Maybe last minute donairs before you fly?

    • That was actually in the paper a couple months ago – “Canada’s link to Journey’s Mega Hit!”, about how they’re singing about Windsor. Must have been an incredibly slow news day. :D

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