sick of sleeping

Our time in Edmonton is drawing to a close, and in just over 3 hours we’ll be heading to the airport to turn in our rental car and sit in the futuristic wonder that is Edmonton International Airport until our 6pm flight back home. I am looking forward to Vancouver – I plan to go home, take off my pants, cover myself in cats, and play video games until the wee hours of Wednesday morning, when I have to go back to work.

If someone asks me what I did on our vacation, I wouldn’t have very much of an answer. My ultimate goal in Edmonton was to relax, and I am just about all full up of relaxing – we did little else but sleep and eat the entire time we were here. I don’t know what it is about being away from home, but we slept for many, many, many hours. I am sick of sleep and also of snow. Ed’s mom asked if we normally sleep this long at home, and we honestly don’t – there’s something about the air here that makes me not want to get out of bed. It’s the no cats + no neighbours + no schedule + bitterly cold air + sinfully warm bed equation that all adds up to 12+ hours of sleep a night. I would normally feel bad for wasting that much time in bed, but honestly – there’s nothing else to do. I finished Bowser’s Inside Story and I’m 6 hours into Kingdom Hearts 3.14 – I’ve caught up on all my websites – I even checked in at work and did some remote testing because I am such a Team Player – and I’m out of ideas.

We’ve had a really good visit, though. There’s been Quality Time with the parents and assorted other relatives, and last night we had dinner with Christian and his shiny new fiancee, and his sister. It was our first time meeting the fiancee, and she was cool so that was good. We had dinner at Red Lobster – shut up, there aren’t any in Vancouver and I love those damn biscuits – and it was fun.

Thanksgiving was spent at Wizard Lake (which had NO WIZARDS), which is somewhere in the middle of nowhere:

the wizard is a lie; he was not there

the wizard is a lie; he was not there

So as you can see, we were very far away from everything except a lot of food and some cousins. It was nice – Ed and I went for a walk by the lake and found ourselves four puppies. The puppies upset me actually; they were adorable and friendly and SO VERY COLD. No one came out looking for them – who loses four puppies and doesn’t notice?! We walked around looking for their home and eventually had to give them to another woman who would take them to her house and feed them (they were hungry and freezing) until someone decided to step up as a pet owner and claim them. I wish I could say I knew what happened to the puppies after we said goodbye, but I have to trust that they were fine and a very distraught person came to claim them and love them and keep them safe or I won’t be able to sleep at night.

I had my camera with me the entire time we were here, and I tried very hard to take pictures of interesting things – but Edmonton in the dead of fall when it’s grey and gloomy out is not an attractive place. It’s beautiful in the spring and summer and even the h0rrible winter when the sun is out, but we saw very little sunshine during our time here. Naturally, the day we leave it’s going to shoot up 15 degrees or so and be gorgeous while we go home to a nine days of rain, but them’s the breaks.

I had a nice lazy visit, but now I am ready to go home.

Here is a puppy:


lost puppy

2 thoughts on “sick of sleeping

  1. Lulz re: the wizard. I think you should be hired by teh GOOG for map design.

    I certainly hope the person hadn’t put the dogs out to get rid of them, or I wouldn’t sleep tonight either.

  2. I don’t think that was the issue – three of the four dogs had collars with the same contact info. If I had to guess I would say the dogs were let out to pee and somehow escaped a fence or something – they defintely weren’t strays :)

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