the culprit

.. was a LAMP.

The smell continued all Friday and Saturday. By Saturday evening, we were pissed off – what the hell could cause a stink of that magnitude, but be undetectable outside our apartment? Was it the laundry? The cats? The carpet? We started moving furniture and smelling every single thing in the room. Nothing made sense. The smell started Thursday night, and the only thing we did was hang a lamp.

Could it be the lamp?

It was the fucking lamp.

Ed took it down, and gave it a whiff – oh look, that smells like rotting fish corpse. How odd! The lamp hung above my desk in North Van, and never caused a problem – but when it was plugged in here, something shorted and the plastic casing started to burn. And for some reason, the burning smelled like death. We took the lamp apart and immediately disposed of all the smelly pieces, and our home is airing out. I’m glad we figured it out, but who the hell knew that lamps could do that? Certainly not me.


6 thoughts on “the culprit

    • We salvaged the fancy party of the lamp, so hopefully it will be hung again someday when we are a little less gunshy about the fish smell :)

      The picture was taken with the Hipstamatic iPhone app, as is most of the stuff on my site lately – love it so much!

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