The fruits of yesterday’s fun:


the dictionary definitions of "delicious" and "juice"

fun with patterns!

SO MUCH FUN! Heather and I blazed through the 200 we ordered, and would have kept going if we hadn’t run out of supplies. I love buttons, and want to make more. I am so saving up for a button maker of my very own!

I probably should have asked this BEFORE I made dozens of buttons, but is there any interest in a Delicious Juice Dot Com button set? I could make some available, the proceeds of which go towards getting a button maker that I don’t have to rent. I have so many grandiose ideas, only some of which involve pictures of Ed’s wang. BUTTONS! BUTTONS FOR EVERYONE!

Anyway, if you’d be interested in djdcb, let me know below. If there’s enough of you, I’ll make it all official somehow. It’ll involve pipe cleaners.


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