it’s toasty warm in sparta

Before I write about last night, I must add a footnote to this post about the Vancouver 2010 app: GET IT GET IT NOW! Last night I was showing Shan (she of the woeful Blackberry) the app and gesticulating as though I were Darren. The next thing we knew, the app was DOING SOMETHING! I couldn’t figure out how it make it go again until I flailed a little – it was the shaking! Shaking your iPhone with the 2010Guide app running DOES STUFF! I won’t spoil it for you, but GET THE APP NOW AND THEN SHAKE IT. Seriously, I feel like fucking Edison over here. Hands down the best discovery I’ve made since that time I stumbled upon America when I was really trying to get to China instead.

Last night we warmed our house! We’ve successfully lived here for 7 weeks now, and figured it was time we had some friends over to check out the digs. I confess that it was extremely weird throwing a party in my own house instead of Miranda’s, but I think we pulled it off without a hitch. There were awesome people, so much cheese, and drinks a-flowin’. I had a great time, and even met some new people (I have a habit of inviting people I talk to on Twitter to things, forgetting that I haven’t *actually* met them – but what’s social media without a little bit of potential danger? Luckily, I’ve been mostly serial killer-free so it’s all good). Thanks to everyone who came out and those who sent regrets but regards – I hope you had as much fun as I did! One of the many highlights of the evening: watching people show Ed’s co-workers the gay porn. All MY friends and co-workers know about the gay porn, but this was the first time any of HIS people had been in our house – an education was had last night, and I really wish I could be their watercooler on Monday morning because HAHAH.

One of the joys of living in a house that wasn’t built in 1918 the convenience of modern appliances – we’re all but cleaned up, leaving the rest of the day to relax and eat leftover cupcakes. Hell, there’s enough beer and goodies left to throw a Super Bowl party, but this is Canada and I have far better things to do.

You’ll want to stick around this week, people. In addition to the Olympic excitement building at an alarming rate, there will be an upcoming post about Super Gonorrhea that you do NOT want to miss. Trust me on this.

Yay for excellent people and a fully warmed house!

5 thoughts on “it’s toasty warm in sparta

  1. Thanks for a great party. I am glad I flew home early for it. You have a wonderful home. I enjoyed all my spanking I did. Oh and if the RCMP show up because of all the pedo-bear surfing I am sorry in advance.

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