Thanks to everyone who weighed in both here and on Twitter – I’ve decided what I’m going to do.

While I am still bristly at the whole “being censored” thing – I *hate* being told what I can and cannot do – I will not be giving a play-by-play recap of what I see this afternoon. I’m not doing this for the VANOC or for to keep the element of surprise or because I’m afraid of the IOC – I’m doing it for Shan. I would have to jump off a bridge if she lost her spot in the closing ceremonies because of me, and there isn’t much I’d be able to write about if I were paste on the Trans Canada.

Those of you hoping for all the dirt on what Vancouver has in store for you on Friday will have to get your spoilers elsewhere. I won’t write about specifics – and I won’t write about the security measures, because that would probably bring Big Brother down on me even harder than if I were to spill – but like Miranda pointed out, I’ve got ways of sharing information without .. you know, sharing information. I’ll be good. Yes, I was temporarily swayed by the possibility of being a breaking story for once and seeing my hits climb – but in the long run, doing right by people I love is much more important than fleeting e-fame.

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3 thoughts on “decision

  1. Thank you, Kim. While I am absolutely aware that the there is tiny to no chance of anything happening if you were to write about stuff… there is still that tiny chance. I know how much it kills you to wait, but thank you. Really.

    I’m all squishy inside right now.

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