want vs need

I’m a covetous person by nature. I like things – pretty, shiny, cute, useful, throbbing. Of all the things, there are very few I actually need– but my want list is large and greedy and usually unobtainable. Some of the things I want make sense: an iMac and a Pentax K20D. I like gadgets, see, and those are two gadgets I do not currently own. I’m well aware that I already HAVE a computer – or 7 – but I’d like an iMac so I can make full use of my new discovery (I’m not afraid of Photoshop anymore!). I also have a camera (okay, 3 cameras) – but the K20 is better than all of them put together. These are logical, if wholly unnecessary, things to want.

Other things I want are less easy to come by. This is the complicated list: I want a pug and a Jeep. Difficult, but not impossible – after all, I once had a Vespa 250 on that list, and a house. I got both of those things; why would I not assume that I will eventually get the others? I may not have the patience needed to wait, but I have the gift of glib and an amazing ability to justify out loud.

Some things I want, however, will not be as easy as relinquishing my iron will over my credit cards. These are the impossible, the fanciful, the never-gonna-happen-without-bending-the-laws-of-physics kind of wishes made idly while lying naked in nest of damp laundry and covered in pudding:

I want an entire outfit made of the same material as the pants worn by Azerbaijan in the Vancouver Olympics Opening Ceremony.

taken by zanthinegirl

These are amazing. I yearn for these pants. I was excited when I saw them on TV, but that excitement rose to a fever pitch when they showed a close-up: the pants are paisley, man. I LOVE paisley.

taken by zanthinegirl

Azerbaijan ROCKED the ceremony with their outfit, blowing the rest of the world away with style and aplomb. I am jealous that I’ll never be able to get my hands on some Azerbaijanian Glory without going back in time, taking up a sport, mastering it, and relocating to wherever the heck Azerbaijan with enough time to be declared a citizen and qualify to compete at the Olympics. It breaks my heart just a little to think about what could have been, if only. I love you, Azerbaijan Pants. Please be mine.

I’m also kind of coveting the uniform worn by Team Russia – I love the red and yellow swirlie things. Yesterday we saw a Team Russia SUV decked out in swirlies and the Sochi 2014 mascot, and it looked really cool. I’m thinking about visiting the HBC Hellhole downtown to see what they’ve got for Team Russia – I’m not holding my breath that they bothered to stock the amazing Azerbaijan Pants – but it depends on how long the line is. I’m fickle, and I hate crowds. I’m not even remotely Russian, not even a little – but I find the accent sexy, so that has to count for something.

I really wish I had known how exciting this would all be: I’d have taken some time off work so I could experience all that the city has to offer. I’d love to be able to bring more coverage of the crazy things going on with my own unique flavour, but by the time I’m done the work day I just don’t have the energy to hunt out the fun. It’s kind of making me sad – this would have been a great opportunity to expand my content (because there’s SO LITTLE OF IT), but I just didn’t know.

Next time the Olympics come to Vancouver, I’ll be ALL OVER IT.

Although I haven’t been to any sporting events or venues, I’ve still gone to a couple events. The first was the ill-fated dress rehearsal before the Olympics even started, and while I managed to keep my promise of not sharing any secrets (you have no idea how much it pained me to not say a damn thing about the four enormous ice  boners erecting from the floor), I still got an update or two out of it. Last night was another first – I was there for the medal ceremony where Alexandre Bilodeau received his gold medal for Men’s Moguls. I’d never been to anything like that before, and it was amazing – the place went wild, and it seemed that every person in attendance was screaming for joy. Hearing a crowd of 20,000 singing O Canada is pretty unbelievable – I sang along with the rest, completely caught up in the moment. It was really something else, and I’m so glad I got to be there. We often laugh at patriotism and seem somewhat ashamed at admitting pride for your home country, but there it is – I love Canada and being Canadian, and I couldn’t be happier for the successes had at these games.

Even if I think Team Russia’s uniforms are prettier than ours.

medal ceremony for men's moguls

pride of the nation

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