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The very moment I was publishing the previous post, the mail arrived. Guess what was in it? Another PETA pin! Now I have two! And as promised, I will give one away!

.. but that’s not all!

I’ve also got my tiny, tiny hands on two extra sets of the beautiful Apple pins, AND some of the McDonald’s Olympic toys. I will choose three winners at random, and each person will get a set of pins and a random Happy Meal mascot toy!

Here are some important contest details:

  • Enter to win the pins/toys by leaving a comment below!
  • I’ll make the draw for the pins on Tuesday February 23rd
  • Please leave your email address in the comment so I have a way to reach you! Nothing will be done with the addresses; I’m an individual who has no time to spam anyone at all
  • This contest is SEPARATE from the mitten contest – enter to win one of two pairs of Olympic Mittens by commenting on this post
  • I ship worldwide, so don’t worry about entering from faraway places!
  • Everything given away on Delicious Juice Dot Com is purchased or obtained by me personally – I am 100% NON-SPONSORED, and pay for everything out of my own pocket because I really do love sharing and everyone could use some random love

So .. have at it! Leave a comment below to win some exclusive Olympic swag, and here to win some mittens!

35 thoughts on “win more stuff

  1. <3 swag!

    You're kind of awesome sometimes with your give aways! I wish crowds didn't make me anxious so that I could actually enjoy some of the Olympic hoopla. I do like your posts on the going ons though and have passed on some of the info you've shared with my brother — who keeps asking me how I know this stuff. . …

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