main screen turn on

Last night was so weird.

I didn’t really want to go out – the last couple weeks have caught up with me – but Renee convinced me that it would be a good idea. Also, if I skipped the show, it would have been a second time I had purchased Jonathan Coulton tickets and bailed. Since I’m not quite that fiscally irresponsible (but close), I decided to suck up my tiredness and go to the show. I knew I would have fun, but it just seemed like such a hassle to put pants on and leave the house.

I’m glad I went, though. The show was great – Paul and Storm were fun, Molly was adorable, and JoCo is too geek-sexy for his own good. A few people from my Twitter stream were in attendance, and we ran into Donna and Nick.

And .. I got recognized.

I don’t mean in a “oh hey I thought that was you, how’s it going” from a casual acquaintance kind of recognize, I mean a full-on “oh my god it’s Kimli! You’re Delicious Juice Dot Com! I can’t believe it’s you! YAY!” kind of recognize.

It was sweet and embarrassing and cute – I’ve never been recognized like that before, and certainly not with that much enthusiasm. Megan was so happy to meet me and I was so confused as to why – it’s just ME – but when I stopped blushing (about 4 hours later), I was very honoured and delighted. I feel so famous! Renee pointed out to me that I’ve been running this blog for almost 9 years, and I certainly don’t try to keep it secret. There’s no way I can know who does and doesn’t read me, so it only makes sense that I might run into a reader who I don’t know personally out there somewhere. Still, that didn’t make me any less flummoxed and giggly about it – I’m sure I sounded like a total idiot. Megan was adorable though (and for some reason I remember that she had really soft hands – hi, I am creepy), so I did the only thing I could think of – I told her to email me, and we’ll hang out. It’s what I do! Everyone should come out to play!

The show was great, but we (and 8 others) were unable to retrieve our cars afterward, thanks to ambiguous signage. Yes, the gates close at 9pm and vehicles will only be able to exit the parkade – but that implies that there is, in fact, a way to get back INTO the parkade to perform the above-mentioned exit. There wasn’t. Three angry phone calls and an understanding security man later, we were allowed to escape our iron prison and eventually made it home after being reverse kidnapped outside the Rio.

I hope the rain lets up, because I’m planning on going to the VAG after work. The idiots behind Critical Mass are going ahead with their usual last-Friday-of-the-month Operation: Jerkwad, which will be interesting to behold. As well, I’ve heard that a haka will be performed around 6pm and I really want to go see because the haka is awesome. It’s the last Friday of the Olympics, and I’m not yet done having fun – rain or no rain, I’m going outside to play tonight.

7 thoughts on “main screen turn on

  1. Ok, so I work around the corner from the Rio, and I’ve been trying to figure out all night: where the hell is there a public parkade in this neighbourhood? The only parkade I even know of is the one attached to my building, and the one attached to the building next door, and even I don’t have a key to the one in my building so I don’t think you were there.

    Incidentally, for the next time you’re Rio-ing… while most of the residential parking between Broadway & 12th, Commercial & Clark is permit only (or at most, 2 hour, but that doesn’t count at night), there are enough no-restriction spots available that sneaky people like me can always find a free spot. :)

    Also: I fucking LOVE my skullcrusher mountain t-shirt.

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