just a normal sunday

It’s a typical Sunday morning around these parts; nothing special. I’ve gone about my regular routine:

  • Wake up early
  • Put on a t-shirt
  • Go to a diner
  • Order coffee
  • Have Miranda cut a deep V in my t-shirt because I am uncomfortable with the amount of skin I am not showing
  • Drink my coffee, for real
  • Go to a bar at 10am
  • .. to watch hockey Team Canada defeat Team USA in the gold medal hockey game 3-2 in overtime, winning our 14th gold medal and setting a record for the most number of golds won by a host country in the Winter Olympics, with several hundred of my closest friends
  • Get smoked up!
  • Get interviewed! (not in relation to getting smoked up)
  • Go home and throw a party

You know, regular stuff. Status quo, really.

now i love Canada and DON'T have a uniboob

One thought on “just a normal sunday

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