one last medal ceremony

The Olympics are done, and they were so much more fun than I thought possible. I’m not ready for the party to be over, so I decided the only appropriate thing to do would be to award medals to my Favourite Moments of the Games:

the little engine that could

The 3rd place Bronze Medal goes to: the afternoon of Friday the 19th. I took the afternoon off to hang out with Shan, and by the end of the day we were joined by our entire motley crew. Gorgeous weather, spectacular scenery, and a city-wide party – it was brilliant. A fantastic day from start to finish made all the better by Jon Montgomery’s amazing Skeleton win and subsequent celebrations. The Inukshuk Beach along False Creek should still be up – take a walk on the next beautiful day and enjoy some rock, Olympic style.


how can you be sad at being second when you're second best in the WORLD?!

The 2nd place Silver Medal goes to: TWITTER! The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics were declared a Social Media event, and we shone just as brightly as the athletes. Sharing memorable moments over the last 17 days with people all around the world was phenominal and most of the time, hilarious. I don’t remember when I’ve had so much fun – watching the opening and closing ceremonies, sharing quips with strangers and laughing so hard at some of the jokes made I couldn’t catch my breath. The #van2010 tag added a whole new dimension to the Olympic experience, and for me was a defining moment of Web 3.0 (or whatever number we’re on now). I can’t imagine the Games without Twitter keeping me entertained, informed, enraged and aroused. The True North Media House (#tnmh) brain trust had an ambitious plan to cover the Olympics and show the world and the IOC what we’re all about, and it was pulled off with spectacular successes and a great deal of fun.

Twitter made the regular act of watching TV fun again. For example, I don’t give a hoot flying or otherwise about next Sunday’s Oscars – but I’m absolutely planning on watching it along with a few thousand of my closest friends.


best of the best of the best (aka: us)

In 1st place, your new Gold Medal Champion: The CTV Montage Maker!

No matter the moment – no matter the action – no matter the time restraints – the CTV Montage Maker was there to help you remember what you saw just moments before, only this time in slow motion and set to stirring music. From the Opening Ceremonies to every last straining muscle and smiling painted face, the CTV Montage Maker could be counted upon to replay the action for you immediately after it just happened in real time. For the last 17 days, we’ve watched his or her work and marveled at how quickly they were able to create a stunning and often overlooked piece of art; a collage of memories that will last a lifetime.

We salute you, CTV Montage Maker: if not for your tireless efforts and hard work, the best parts of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics would be lost at the next commercial break; replaced by people singing about Ontario and emotionally manipulative commercials about coffee. Never the main attraction but always the highlight reel, your work will help this multitasking mile-a-minute MTV generation keep a flicker of a vague memory in the forefront of our scattered minds.

when you just can't settle for second place, you make your own rules

when you just can't settle for second place, you make your own rules


We’re not quite done – there’s one more medal to award. In honour of Russia’s Evgeni Plushenko, who won a Silver Medal (or lost the Gold to Evan Lysacek, however you want to see it) in Men’s Figure Skating and was so disgusted at the result he (or whoever manages his website) created a Platinum Medal for himself and declared him the one true champion of Figure Skating of all time, we are pleased to announce a fourth winner: The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremonies!

A mime, fixing the 4th pillar, so Catriona Le May Doan could finally light her share of the flame! William Shatner talking about sex in canoes! Michael J Fox! Inflatable beavers and floating meese! Huge table hockey! Royal Canadian Mounted Floozies! Right up until they started the musical guests, every part of the Closing Ceremonies was hilarious and fantastic. More than once I could have sworn I was high on the drugs, and most of Twitter agreed. While I highly doubt the ceremony had the noble quality the IOC adopts as the norm, it was bizarre and uniquely Canadian – we are known almost as much for our self-depreciating humour as we are for the cliches, and I loved it. Let the naysayers neigh – Canada knows how to have fun, and while we may never outshine Beijing’s vision or live up to Britain’s expectations, we threw one HELL of a party and the entire world was there to watch us have our poutine and eat it too.

I am spectacularly proud of my city, and I think we should do this every year.

5 thoughts on “one last medal ceremony

  1. If there is a medal better than platinum, (titanium maybe?) it should go to the countless volunteers and all their hard work. Amazing to see so many people so excited to be a part of our Olympics.

  2. I was so engrossed with the closing ceremonies that I didn’t even look at twitter. It was pitch perfect and even Nickleback could take away from the general awesomeness of it.

    And those montages make me tear up. Every. Single. Time.

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