stop smashing my mustard

I had planned on writing a post about all the outrageous things being said about Canada now that the games are over, but I just don’t have the heart to. How would calling attention to the attention-seeking Texans comparing Vancouver’s Games to Nazi Germany help anyone? The comments are just making me sad, and that’s never been the intent of my blog. Let the Russians accuse Team Canada of being on drugs. Let the Straight continually bitch about the police presence and liquor store shut downs. I’m so tired of all the negativity – doesn’t anyone simply have FUN anymore? What happened to living in the moment? Why does everything have to be political or angry or just plain whiny? The lights in BC Place were still on when the antagonistic comments started up again: the games are done, maybe now the city can start curing cancer/feeding orphans/returning stolen land/repressing my right to break shit when I don’t get my way. Doesn’t all that righteous indignation make you tired? Or is everything in your life one big struggle against The Man?

It must be a horrible existence; being completely unable to let yourself just get caught up in the moment and feel a pure and simple joy.

I feel sorry for those people.

Also, seig hail.

for the glory of mother canada

7 thoughts on “stop smashing my mustard

  1. Honestly, that argument bugs me. Yeah, I’m perfectly capable of living in the moment, feeling joy, etc. But if we’re talking about me specifically, there’s nothing about the Olympics that gave me that. I don’t find joy in large crowds of rambunctious people. I’m happy for everybody who does, but … that’s not my thing. The one night I went downtown during the Olympics caused me so much frustration and unhappiness that there was no way I was returning — and those who enjoyed it should probably thank me, because I didn’t go out of my way to harsh their buzz. :)

    I find enough joy in my regular day to day life. I’d rather snuggle with my dog and my boyfriend than hang out with over-exuberant strangers any day of the week. That’s got nothing to do with the Olympics… I’m just not into the big crazy party thing. I don’t find that fun. So it’s no wonder that I don’t particularly enjoy a city-wide party.

    I’m getting a little tired of people chastising me for being a curmudgeon or a party pooper or a big whiner or telling me that I must be living a horrible existence because I like different things. That’s not fair. Maybe I’m boring, and that’s okay — I kind of am. But I’m happy being boring, and I resent being told that if I don’t have fun the same way as other people, I’m not doing it right.

    I don’t need pity or condescension. I just need people to stop telling me how to have fun. I’m pretty good at figuring that out myself.

    • I know there are those who didn’t enjoy the games – I wasn’t really talking about them. I’m frankly surprised I got as into it as I did, as I have some pretty strong opinions about government-funded sports when money for arts is being cut everywhere. I’m talking about the people bitching non-stop on Twitter, the “journalists” who say we’re like Nazi Germany, the people who think that because they don’t like the games none of us should, or those who insist upon turning every bit of attention they get into a massive political agenda.

      I definitely wasn’t chastising you for being different – being different is sort of my mantra. Negativity just gives me a headache, and I’m SO TIRED of people complaining 24/7 about EVERYTHING that I had to say something.

      • Fair enough. Admittedly, I’m getting a bit oversensitive because any time I say anything even remotely negative or even expressing happiness that it’s done, someone jumps all over me and refers to me as a curmudgeon, or tells me that I need to learn how to have fun. This is starting to get about as tiring to me as I expect the non-stop stream of negativity is to you. :)

  2. So some journalists are preemptively invoking Godwin’s Law, eh? Can you link me? I hadn’t even heard about that, but being in Kelowna I’m sort of away from anything that doesn’t involve hockey.

  3. Your post resonated with me. I posted something similar last night called “If you Left Town for the Olympics” but I’m not an eloquent word smith as you are. I am surrounded by Olympic nay-sayers and short of finding new people to read and hang with, I thought I would write a little something first. I am glad to see I’m not the only one.

    “Doesn’t all that righteous indignation make you tired? Or is everything in your life one big struggle against The Man?” is so well said.

    After living in a co-op and seeing this micro community work, it really comes down to who “The Man” is. We are all “the Man”.

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