mystery surprise unleashed

The more or less well-kept secret part of my Northern Voice presentation was the inclusion of swag bags – I didn’t want to let it be known that my talk would include presents for a variety of reasons, but I think we did a pretty good job of keeping it on the down low. I love giving presents to people, so I borrowed Andrea and Rob’s brilliant idea with their blessing and set about finding some swag to give.

I just so happen to know some talented crafters and awesome people, and everyone I approached was totally on board with my idea. I thanked everyone on the last slide, but here’s a list of what was in each of the 30 swag bags handed out on Friday afternoon:

I didn’t think to take pictures of any of the swag bags, because I am not that smart. I think they were well received though; I was too busy trying to keep upright to remember to watch the reactions. I’m glad I was able to pull off the “give people presents” idea and work it into my presentation (“here’s a sure-fire way to make friends – give people presents!”), and delighted that people contributed their wares to them – my friends are freakin’ awesome.

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