nerd street cred

I like badges and I like collecting things things, so it’s only natural that I am in Mad Nerd Love with Nerd Merit Badges:

click the picture for a description of each badge, and be jealous that you are not as cool as me

You may remember my posting about Nerd Merit Badges before, when we Did Some Science together (with sexy results). While my insatiable lust for awesome things has lead me to find additional badges in secret places online, NMB will always be my first love (not in the least because I’m their favourite):

i am certified awesome

I wonder if I could find a Brownie uniform in my size – I have an awesome idea for a porno.

One thought on “nerd street cred

  1. I think my one-size-fits-all Girl Guide uniform would fit you (I tried it on a few years ago, the skirt goes barely past my ass but you could put another 2 of me within its width) but I’m not sure Mom kept it. Could ask for you.

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