where’s my hole, steve?

So, I’ve had my iPhone 4 for a week now (thanks again Reilly!), which is ample time for me to learn the ins and outs of the device. It’s gorgeous, of course – I kind of don’t want to put a screen protector on it because everything looks so crispy, and I am notoriously anal about my screens – but there are a thousand blogs out there that have both been there and done that, and I don’t aim to be another. So what’s left for me to write about? Well, there isn’t a single website out there that will cover the things that are important to ME – so I know what I’ve got to do:

A Delicious Juice Dot iPhone 4 Review!

side by side

The iPhone 4 looks much bigger than the 3G/3GS, but the opposite is true: the 4 is actually smaller. Not by much, but there’s a definite size difference there – the space lost by curving the sides in the previous model is significant, so the nice flat 4 clocks in ever so slightly smaller by width (like, half a millimetre) and a even more by height:

it's like godzilla next to an aligator!

That’s not really all that important, though. The difference isn’t enough to really be felt or even seen unless you do a side by side macro shot. No, I’ve got other things on my mind: WHERE DO MY DANGLIES GO?!?

Every time a new iPhone comes out, I pray at the Altar of Jobs for a hole – a small tiny little hole, that’s all – so I can loop a small, silly toy onto my phone. That’s all I want. Sure, the other things are nice – a fancy camera, a second camera, a screen that looks like pure sex, more power, more memory – but dude, all I want is a hole for a danglie thing. I have a couple that I really like, and I want to carry them around with me:

just one or two, i swear

BUT I CAN’T! Once again, my heart has been cut out by Papa Jobs and there is no place to attach anything extraneous to the phone. It would have been SO EASY – the corners of the 4 are practically screaming for decoration – but no. Nothing. I am a sad monkey with one or two danglie things I can’t use. Nobody ever lets me have any fun.

So, what about carrying the iPhone? Will it fit in my favourite carrying case without issue? The iPhone 3GS fit in there really well:

snug as a bug in a rug if by "bug" you mean "fancy phone" and "rug" you mean "bra"

I couldn’t have asked for a better fit – the 3GS fit in my bra ever so nicely. It was smooth and contoured and made me feel funny in my pants when I got a text message. I know it isn’t considered “classy” by “high society” to “carry” your “phone” in your “bra”, but sometimes you just have to thumb your nose at everyone in the name of comfort and no pants.

So, how does the iPhone 4 fit?

so pointy

Sadly, not as well. The flatness of the phone, while awesome (if antenna-problem-causing in the US), makes for an uncomfortable bulge in my bra. It’s not nearly as comfortable, so I find myself having to do the unthinkable – wear pants so I have a pocket ready at all times. I know, I know – it’s shocking and a real tragedy – but these are sacrifices you have to make when you carry the future around with you at all times.

Enough of the technical details: how do the phones look with a Domo on them?

fuzzy domo attack

Pretty darn good; thanks for asking.

I like the iPhone 4 – I think I’ll keep it, crushing disappointment and all.

8 thoughts on “where’s my hole, steve?

  1. I saw an article that showed how you could add danglies to the bumper case. Apparently on the bottom there’s a cutout just perfect for attaching charms. I’m still waiting for my 4 – ship time is three weeks right now. Not supposed to be here until the 23rd, BOO.

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