assault with a disturbing twist

I was on TV! On Thursday the CBC came to my office to the confusion of my coworkers and interviewed me about an assault with a disturbing twist: four teenagers went to the school of a 5th and beat him up the day after a particularly volatile Warcraft III match. CBC wanted to get a gamer perspective on this, and my favourite CBC person caught wind of the story and passed along my name. Yay! Click any of the pictures to view the video!

kemli welsh, online gamer

top story: kemli's boobs

If you want to know what the hell is going on with my desk, click here – I tagged everything visible in the photo. Clearly this is the most important part of all; as my desk is so awesome.

So very amused!


9 thoughts on “assault with a disturbing twist

  1. I think you represented us geeks well. Your desk IS pretty damn cool. I would like to thing that if i had a real deaks job my desk would look as cool as yours. “Tonights top story: Kimli’s Boobs.” OMGROFLMO! Your boobs never looked better hun. ; )

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