i have absolutely no idea what this is

So I ordered some stuff from my favourite Japanese website a couple weeks ago, and the box arrived this morning. What I was getting was a total surprise – I had ordered the Fukubukuro Lucky Bag 2011, which is basically a big grab bag of random Japanese goodness. I figured it would be at the very least interesting, and at best completely awesome so why not take a chance because random is a lot of fun.

There are a lot of weird ass things in the Lucky Bag, including but not limited to:

  • A fuzzy pig
  • A strangely offensive bendie doll
  • A coy fuzzy tiger making sexual overtures
  • A sheet of fake leather to make your cell phone classy
  • A golden stork delivering a shiny crystal that I gave to my pregnant coworker who was thrilled
  • A pocket that, when squeezed, barfs out a little marble with Doraemon on it
  • This thing that looks like a bowl of chicken soup with a plastic pocket containing a coin and instructions written entirely in Japanese
  • Herring
  • .. and this thing:

happy man has a noose of presents for you

his gift noose includes a fake US $100 bill, a ceramic heart, car and house, a bag of confetti, a package of short straws, some little ceramic balls, and what looks like gauze

he has a real pretty mouth (that is wide open - am I supposed to put thing in there?)

WHAT IS THIS THING?! WHY DO I HAVE IT??! I AM TERRIFIED and kind of jealous of that hood, actually. It looks warm and cute. Seriously though, if you know any Japanese people, can you please ask them what this thing is and if I should be afraid or overjoyed that I have it? It came in bubble wrap but no packaging or information, just a happy dude in a green suit with a bunch of things tied around his neck and a fuzzy red hood.


I am so confused.


5 thoughts on “i have absolutely no idea what this is

  1. I suspect he’s this guy (EKKEKKO, Incan God Make Your Deam Come True!): http://www.strapya-world.com/products/17943.html

    From the first google link I hit, “He’s God of Wealth and Plenty, and carries a bottomless sack full of household goodies. If you are given even the merest pot or pan you should be most grateful because your whole life will be enriched. According to ancient legend, if you place a tiny object on an EKKEKKO doll, you’ll receive what you wish for in the coming year. But if the object is removed, you’ll lose it all.”

    …okay then!

    • YOU ARE AWESOME! That’s totally what he is! I couldn’t find him online because I assumed it was Japanese – THANK YOU! Now I’ll be able to sleep at night! :D

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