time for naked

We drove mom to the bus station this morning at ten. The bus didn’t leave for almost two hours, but mom likes to be early to the point of lunacy and she was getting really antsy at the house because we didn’t leave at 9:30. Okay, so being awoken at 8:30 this morning by my mom yelling “KEEM TIME TO GET UP” was likely unnecessary and made me regress 20 years or so, but I traded in the remainder of the gorgeous Sunday to pretend the weather was horrible – that way, I wouldn’t feel guilty about crawling back into bed with all three cats and engaging in my second-favourite naked Sunday afternoon activity (napping :P).

It was a good visit. I unlocked another achievement, which was fun – pot roast impresses my mom! Thai food makes her proud; pot roast impresses. This is valuable knowledge here! I should write a thesis. The scientific journey was a long and painful one – just look at my data:

The more incredulous I got, the worst my texting became. That last one says “She’s at Tim Hortons”.

Sadly, we ran into some serious technical difficulties on Saturday. Mom wanted to go shopping, so we took her to Metrotown mall. Ed came with us, because I needed help keeping tabs on mom (and even then I lost her numerous times). I figured we’d be okay because we could coordinate our efforts if we lost sight of the pigeon, but then this happened:

The Rogers SMS network shat the bed, and I was left with only four other ways to get a hold of Ed – the horror! To make matters worse, Ed decided to do some science of his own and he SET MY MOTHER FREE .. in a T&T Supermarket. Have you ever lost a small confused Asian woman in a supermarket filled with nothing BUT small confused Asian women? It’s bad. Really bad. On the up side, it’s almost Chinese New Year and everything in T&T is awesome.

Next time, we’re getting walkie-talkies. The kind that go in your sleeve, so we can pretend we’re Secret Service. Maybe this could be fun after all, but I think we’re off the hook for at least a couple years. We’re long overdue for a trip to Victoria though, so that’ll happen soon – and I WILL be scooting to the island more this summer; something I didn’t do at all last year and that is full of balls.

It was a good visit, but it was awfully nice when it was done. Next adventure: Seattle! Then Whistler, then Seattle again. I enjoy being upwardly mobile and free!


3 thoughts on “time for naked

  1. After all of that, u and ED deffinatly need some vacation time. I would have gone insane by Sat night. Ur will in reguard to putting up with rediculusness is much stronger then mine. I salute you. LOL!

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