why it’s awesome to be me

There are many reasons why it’s awesome to be me, most of which I’ve covered on this site in the past – but today I have an ALL NEW reason it’s awesome to be me; one that will make most of you sigh with envy:

I get mystery sausage in the mail.

Aren’t you jealous? Aren’t you just green with hunger and confusion? I once was wrinkled with disbelief, but I’ve long since accepted the Tao of Sausage and I embrace the secret hobo spices and sulfates contained therein.

I received a letter on the 31st, telling me that if I did not contact FedEx by the 27th, my package would be returned to sender. This was annoying for a multitude of reasons; the least of which was not that I hadn’t received any delivery attempt notices at ALL despite the ominous warning in the letter. Also, I wasn’t actually expecting anything that would come via FedEx, and the letter had been shipped on December 23rd and was expected to reach me in a timely fashion. This clearly did not happen, and I was full of swearing at my predicament.

Curiosity got the better of me though, and on January 1st I decided to call the 1-800 number to see what would happen. To my surprise, the call center was open and staffed and the lady on the phone was able to a) request that the package be held in Burnaby for pick up, and b) that it was from Hickory Farms. I was delighted that I would be reunited with my unexpected box, but even more confused as to what and why – I certainly hadn’t ordered anything from Hickory Farms, and had no idea who would send me meat just because.

After a great deal of  phone tag, I got the package last Monday evening. It was, in fact, from Hickory Farms, and it contained not just sausage but TWO sausages, cheese, crackers, some fancy mustard, and a lot of crinkly paper as packing material. Mystery sausage! But from whom? An inspection of the package revealed it was a gift from TsN|JeffT, an old casting colleague who is living in Taiwan. He had asked for my address some months before, under the guise of sending Christmas cards – but instead, I got random gift sausage, which was wholly unexpected and totally awesome. Yay for surprise meat! Yay for Jeff!

it's so meaty!

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