what’s in my bag?

What ISN’T in my bag? Well, not these things:

what? it's all important!

  • My iPad in a Roxypop case while I wait 50 years for my replacement Portenzo case
  • Cheese
  • Like/Dislike stamps
  • Old Navy wallet containing necessary but not vital cards and ID
  • World’s Most Awesome Pill Case holding an assortment of (legal) drugs and a pair of earrings
  • Peppermint oil for headaches that the above mentioned pill case cannot cure
  • House key and the enormous fob that gets us into the garage, attached to a huge Hello Kitty-in-glasses keychain
  • Small black H&M bag holding:
  • Colour filters
  • Pork piPod and headphones
  • Lego man LED light
  • R2D2 LED light
  • Thunderbolt LED with sound!
  • MAC Compact
  • Hello Kitty x Tokidoki coin purse that holds money, the World’s Dirtiest Smutton, my bank card and driver’s license
  • Bokeh filters
  • 5 gum in Rain (spearmint)
  • World’s Geekiest Keychain:
    • Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers charms
    • Gate Keychain
    • Ray gun pew pew
    • A robot
    • Rockstar Games keychain that came with the collector’s edition of Grand Theft Auto IV
    • Metal Domo-kun cellphone charm that Ali got from her trip to Japan in like 2000 and gave to me and it’s my favourite
    • An actual key! (spare key to the bucket on my Vespa)
  • One bus ticket
  • An expense cheque for almost $900 that American Express would appreciate me depositing very, very soon
  • A pen
  • Four different kinds of lip gloss
  • An eyeshadow stick I’ve been meaning to return because the colour sucks
  • Solid perfume from Lush (Lust)
  • Keys to the Mazdabator
  • Small gold Benefit bag containing:
    • Three more kinds of lip gloss
    • Three kinds of eyeliner
    • Emergency mascara
    • Tweezers
    • Perfume roller ball
    • Another barette
    • Two Delicious Juice Dot Com buttons
    • Two keys for the heart lock I have on all my bags and my work ID
    • A very round stone
    • Two 5-pence coins
    • A Toronto subway token

.. all toted around in a teal messenger bag satchel thingie I got from Bodacious on Boxing Day.

All these things tell you a story: I am afraid of being caught in the dark with dry lips and no toys, and I carry too many keychains (missing are my scooter keys, coz it’s not riding season).

No wonder my shoulder hurts all the time.

Thanks to Rick Chung, from whom I stole this idea and who carries a lot less stuff than I do (but has a way cooler USB drive).


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