a decade of blogging

Welcome to DeeAy.com, my very own little ego trip on the world wide web.

What did I do today? Fuck ass all, that’s what. Don’t take my random profanity to mean that I fucked asses all day – oh, no – that would be too easy. I drove RakE to work, I ate some breakfast, I wrote some stuff, I masturbated to my newly-purchased smut. Oh, I’m sorry .. was that too much information?

Isn’t that just too bad?

My website’s been up for less than an hour, and already I’m talking about masturbation. Raise your hand if you’re really surprised.

I’ve been writing for Delicious Juice Dot Com (nee DeeAy.com) for 10 years today. It’s made me laugh, cry, punch things, and dance shamelessly around western North America. My blog has seen me through multiple moves, jobs, tattoos, and friends. There’s been sickness and healing, love and death, temper tantrums and startling realizations. I managed to keep some – but not many – secrets, and I went so far beyond the realm of “too much information” I’m releasing my own perfume next year. I made surprisingly few enemies, too many friends to count, and talked at great length about the state of my vagina (314 times and counting). For the last ten years I’ve been an unsponsored (no one will have me), uncensored daily blogger – and while the last few months have felt as though I was limping towards an unseen finish line, this isn’t the end. I still have so very much more to say.

I try not to ask people to come out of the woodwork too often, but if you’ve ever felt anything – anger, amusement, disgust, outrage, love, confusion, a boner – at anything I’ve ever written, I’d really love it if you said hi today of all days.

Having a blog on this level of personal is the ultimate in self-involved endeavors, but I’ve grown very, very fond of this piece of the internet. I feel silly for being proud of this thing; for making it ten years without missing more than a day or two at a time – just think of what I might have been able to accomplish had I put that energy towards something useful – but damn that’s a lot of my life spread out on the internet like a sticky, crusty quilt. I am quite impressed with myself. I think I might deserve some ice cream.

Saying “here’s to ten more years” seems more like a threat than a toast, but I can’t wait to see what kind of crazy old lady I’m going to become. I hope I’ll always want to write about it, and I hope someone out there will care.

Thanks, y’all.


39 thoughts on “a decade of blogging

  1. Started following back in the 3WA days and have enjoyed, laughed, cried and masturbated with you for a very long time. Well maybe not that last part, but I had to stick it in somewhere…. oh wait… I didn’t mean to say that either! Thank you for being you and sharing your fabulousness!

  2. Happy blogiversary Kimli!! I enjoy your blog and have been known to quote your hilarity on occasion- particularly your review of Eat Pray Love- genius! xo

  3. I for one have been reading for.. Oh I lost count, 8 years? And I’ve enjoyed the ride. So don’t stop. And now we’re friends. And I love you!

  4. What a long strange trip it’s been (and other cliche highschool yearbook quotes). Where has the time gone? Keep doing what you like to do, and I will keep reading and lurking. Entertain me!

  5. I love your blog! I’ve been reading for 3 years now, thanks to the wonders of RSS, and I look forward to every. single. entry.

    You rock my socks, Kimli.

    Happy blogiversary!

  6. Happy 10th blogiversary. Hey, you forgot to mention your cleavage in this post! I’d like to wish your cleavage a happy 10th blogiversary as well. Eat Pray Love review? I must read that at once!

    Also, thanks for your hipstamatic photos. I love ’em.

  7. Happy Blogiversary! Thanks to you, your boobs, your ladygarden, your tchochkes, your cats and your gadgets for the decade of entertainment!

    Here’s to many more :)

  8. As a fairly recent voyeur of your ramblings, I would like to congratutlate you and your vagina on ten years of open and honest discussions of life as you know it. Here’s looking forward to the next decade! =)

  9. You’ve been blogging for 10 years? I’ve only been lurking for three!

    Now I don’t feel so creepy.
    Thanks Delicious You!

  10. I too started reading back in the 3WA days and have happily read every post since. I often refer to you as my “Canadian friend Kimli”, which is odd since we’ve never met. Thank you for sharing and being so candid. I love knowing so much about a real live internet superstar. I still want to be you when I (don’t) grow up!

  11. Yay for uncensored shit! In this day and age of curated on-line personalities, your blog is a refreshing and not at all Masengill-y.

    Happy blogoversary!

  12. Here’s to the woman and the blog that made me feel empowered to write about my own life and share it with strangers online. I will never compare to your prolific and pornographic outpourings, but I’m happy to still be reading 10 years later.

  13. Yay for 10 years! I started stalking you around 7 years ago, and am happy we’re now friends. I love reading about stuff we did the day after through your blog, ’cause everything sounds so much better in your words than in real life :P


  14. happy blogiversary from nova scotia! i don’t remember how i found your blog, but i’m happy i did … i love your honesty, , your sense of humour, your photos, and your fabulous tchotchkes … seriously, i aspire to have a workspace that looks like yours! :)

  15. I started reading when I worked down the hall from you at the mighty H right near the beginning of your reign – has it really been that long? I’ll always remember having to get through those loooooooong entries without getting busted for not working. And then we became friends! And that was so cool! And then I started popping up in your words and that was REALLY cool! Thanks for keeping me entertained both on and offline these many years :D

  16. Hi Kim!
    Congratulations on ten years… I can tell that it’s still fun for you. Tomorrow I will start on my 16th year of daily blogging on-line, and it’s always been fun… if it stops, so will I, heh.
    Again, congratulations – and keep going – don’t stop until you’re done!

  17. happy website birthday! where is the cake? No matter what topic you are writing about (from the good to the terrible/mundane to hilarious) you always turn it into entertaining reading.

    I’ve been tagging along since 2001, Ie. 1BO (1 year Before Orange).
    I tuned in sometime around this design:

  18. Congratulations! Here’s hoping for ten more years of pantsless tomfoolery from a personality that goes to 11 with a filter that – thankfully – only goes to 6. *going back to lurking now*

  19. Hi! I’m a long time lurker (stalker? no, I’d have to go out and find you in this fine city of ours to be a stalker. I think) but first time commenter. Here’s to the next 10 years. I think I’ve been reading for 2 or 3 years but can’t remember how I first stumbled across your blog. But it doesn’t matter …. I’ve been enjoying reading it all of this time. Thanks for the entertainment. :)

  20. Congrats! and thanks, you are one of the reasons I blog, you have been a inspiration to me and a friend! And when I do see you I cannot help myself but smile and you have the amazing ability to bring people together.

  21. Woah. I remember deliciousjuice.com before it was deliciousjiuce.com! Back then it was a bunch of angsty musical quotes in the /m rotation… look at it now!

  22. I’m another lurker who’s followed you since the days of the 3WA portal. Happy aluminum anniversary to one of my favorite blogs and its awesome impresaria, and I hope “ten more years” is a promise, not a merely a threat.

  23. Happy blogiversary! It’s kind of amazing and a bit disconcerting to realize there are blogs I’ve been reading regularly for a decade, or nearly so. Yours has definitely been one of my favorites for the 9 years since I happened across it – thanks for all the laughs, and for all the honesty.

  24. congrats on the milestone blogoversary! so glad you’re online and even happier that i got to befriend you. you are just as delightfully weird in person as you are online.

    we should all get our naked on in honour of this celebration!

  25. I’m barely squeaking through here on the official blogoversary to say – congrats! I’m a reader since ’03 and actually this was the second blog I ever read, which has set a ridiculously high standard for all the rest… :)

  26. Yay! Congrats!!

    I started reading some time a long time ago when I used to hang out with this guy named Josh and he would read your blog. To this day, it is still some of the best writing on the interwebs.

    I was fortunate to meet you one night when I accidentally walked in on what might have been a lan party. I’m still not sure though.

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