the most fun ever

I’ve been writing in some capacity for almost 25 years, and I STILL haven’t figured out the art of making an unpleasant task sound completely awesome.  My new project at work is to build a company wiki from scratch (I have an unsettling feeling that my boss has many conversations that go “hey, that job sounds overwhelming and impossible – I know, we’ll give the project to Kimli!”), but I’m just driving the boat – other people get the glory of copying and pasting hundreds of HTML articles to the Sharepoint Wiki; an unholy crotch spawn of traditional Wiki markup and vomitous MSO code with a ham-handed WYSIWYG editor with the temperament of a cranky 3-year old coming down from a sugar high thrown in for good measure. It’s an arduous, unforgiving task – and I have to convince the other 103 employees in my company that doing it is not only mandatory, but super fun and fulfilling and will make them better lovers with enormous genitals that will be the envy of friend and foe alike. It must be done, though, and I can’t do it myself for a number of reasons; the most pressing being that I have exactly 24 days to deliver a complete, brand new employee manual written in the style of my blog but also containing the legal necessities to cover the organization in case of personnel misconduct. And I’m not allowed to swear.

Why me?

Oh, right – because I love this stuff, and I’m not happy unless I have huge challenges to tackle.

Better get started, then.

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