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Although his father told CBC that the photo of his son lighting the police car on fire was “misleading“, he’s turned himself in and made a televised apology. He’s also been provisionally kicked off the water polo team, and the University of Calgary says he is not enrolled there.

Brock Anton, who is 23 years old, has deleted his Facebook account and his friends who originally liked his now-famous status are pulling away; apologizing for being associated with him in the first place. On Twitter, a different friend of his is wildly defending Brock’s actions and suggested to me that my post was a “bad idea if [I] knew him” and that “everyone makes mistakes” because, after all, it’s not like he raped or murdered anyone.

The Screaming Asian Air Cadet has indeed been arrested, and was confronted by police at school.

A variety of rioters have turned themselves – or had parents drag them – into the police after realizing how widespread the post-riot manhunt was.

Tim Kwong from Burnaby tried to deny his role in the riots, but confessed after the videos surfaced. After turning himself into the police, he’s been charged with 4 counts and posted an apology.

Camille Cacnio has been fired from her job for looting the night of the riot. Interesting, Camille was a member of the Enspire Foundation. Her profile – which has since been removed – quoted her as saying “As cliché as it sounds, I really do try to make the world a better place – which is why I am so excited that I am taking part in the Bulacan Community Project as an Ambassador. Life is hard back at home, but through our dedication that can slowly change.”

Every single person I’ve read about being arrested or named as a thief or rioter was outed because of Facebook – and every single one of those Facebook profiles have been deleted. That won’t help, guys. You are fucked.

I’ve heard of at least a half dozen people who were fired on Friday after their pictures appeared in The Province’s multi-page spread of riot photos, and there are likely countless others.

City officials are under a great deal of pressure to find and charge these assholes, and it looks like they’re doing just that. This pleases me – it’s an excellent birthday present.

Many people have asked me to keep posting information and images about the rioters, and I appreciate the support – but this will likely be my last post on this subject. There are several reasons for this:

  • There are many blogs out there with a great deal more information than I have and the inclination to post what they find
  • It’s time to let the city do what has to be done – people are identifying those who need to be punished, and we have to trust that the VPD will follow up through the proper channels
  • Going over these images again and again is depressing as hell
  • Delicious Juice Dot Com isn’t a dedicated riot blog, and I don’t have any desire to be one – I have so many other highly inappropriate things to write about, because it’s what I do
  • We need to move on – it’s time to concentrate on healing instead of wallowing in hate. The rioters and looters will get theirs, and the internet will make sure their names live on in infamy. It’s time to heal, people – focus on doing some good and together we can make our city even greater than it was before


real fans don't riot

fans didn't do this

domo <3 vancouver

3 thoughts on “justice in action

  1. Thank you. You have made me think hard about the realities of a connected community. The bragging, posing and high fiveing of those destructive idiots made me so sad. Your outing of some made me glad that their bragging could be turned to shame. I love my Vancouver so much and I feel you did what you could to reflect that and hold people accountable, as they should be. I hope that there is a penance for them that takes the load off of those of us who live in the city and will pay for. I do not make a habbit of commenting, but as a reader of your blog for it’s juicy humour, I just wanted to give your participation in this effort a thumbs up! Go Kimi Go!
    We have a lot of collective understanding and healing to do, thanks for the kick start.

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