time for revenge

While out running errands on Saturday, we stumbled into a Sidewalk Sale at the mall. It was largely uninteresting, with one exception: the toy store. I stocked up on LEGO mans, made a foreboding but potentially expansive step into the world of Playmobil, and .. on the clearance table, marked down to $2, THIS:

the truth at last


As a slightly obsessive 12-year old, I .. had some issues. Anger ones. Likely misplaced. Also, Rodimus Prime is a complete fucking tool and I hated him for taking over leadership of the Autobots. It’s okay now, though .. it’s time for revenge.

reservoir dogs: roll out!

OH the terrible, terrible things I am going to do to you.

And when it’s all done .. ORGY!

ohhhhhhhhhh yeah

2 thoughts on “time for revenge

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