tingling in the ear holes

New rule – I don’t drive anything that requires a ladder to get into. I realize this means I will likely never realize my dream of monster truck ownership, but I just feel so stupid in a large vehicle. I rented a cargo van for our company picnic today, and it’s HUGE. I almost caused several accidents on my way to the office because I am not used to driving anything with such magnitude – I have a medium-sized hatchback (that I’m trying to convince Ed we should sell in exchange for an even smaller car), and a scooter. I could put both my usual rides in this thing and STILL have room for sexy rental sex times in the back. Which I hope to have. I’ve never done it in a U-Haul van before.

My favourite non-nerd-themed indie rapper has a new album coming out in September, and just released the first single for free downloading goodness – check it out here. I love me some Astronautalis, yes I do. He makes for tingling in the ear holes.

open us up and put things in us

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